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Heavenly Blessings,



In all the world there is no heart like yours, In all the world there is no love for you like mine........Maya Angelou.

Really important meetings are planned by the twin souls, long before the bodies see each other, both twins feel simultaneously inspired and toppled by the power of union......

Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you, for there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest......

Twin flames do not look into each other’s eyes, but in fact are looking forward in the same direction, towards the same goal......

Relationship requires honesty, trust and faith, which is a basis for true love, a love which flows from your soul, it’s a blissful feeling that you are in presence of god himself, a love which is not based on physical attraction, or emotional need, or to fulfill some kind of commitments.
 Many a times people get into relationship for selfish reasons, either for wealth, power, good looks, to satisfy their ego.  some suffer from obsessive disorder, you hear of stalkers who follow a particular individual who catches their fancy,or dominate their thoughts, they obsess after such individuals, and go to any extent to be with them, there are others who reluctantly get into such relationship just to carry out an obligation, more so if someone has pulled them out of depressing situations, or helped them in a difficult phase of their life. Well, it’s good to be in a committed  relationship, but such affairs cannot be sustained in the long run, because apparently a person who is bound and obliged by a sense of duty can never truly love.

Twin flame relation strikes a different chord, this being a soul based relation, does not stick to the standard norms of earthly relations, what the soul comprehends is not in accordance with the logical practical mind, it goes beyond any sense of logistics, the foundation of the relation is so strong it can withstand the test of time, and will overcome all the negative influences, opposing physical or non physical forces, or adverse circumstances, these detrimental and antagonistic elements will do everything in their power to separate the twins, which is not that easy, since the twins are under the divine protection. As I have said earlier, only past karma's or ego related issues between the twins can come in between them, if either of them are unaware of the divine relation. 


The twin flame relation is basically to balance your karma, to evolve as individuals before uniting with each other. In history and mythology there are few cases of twins reincarnating in the same dimension to be with each other, for example it is believed by certain school of thought, that Jesus and Maria Magdalene are twin flames. When Jesus reincarnated, in this realm, he wanted to bring about overall spiritual, and social growth of the people, his twin flame Mary Magdalene also took birth in the same dimension as his spiritual companion to balance the masculine and feminine, they joined together for the highest good of mankind, in alignment with God’s will, so that they would obtain a perfect resonance between them, and would assist one another’s growth.

 In those days the voice of feminine was curbed, their freedom restricted, they had no place of importance in the political, social or religious scenario of the then society, Mary Magdalene achieved great importance in the inner circle of the Christ, though the path was a difficult one, and she had to face the brunt of anger and jealousy of the other members in Jesus’ coterie, but the lord was always by her side supporting her. With her tremendous faith, love and trust in Jesus, she was responsible in bringing women forward in Jesus circle and making spiritual transformation and changes in the general outlook of the women in that period. It goes without saying that when the twins are aligned, and tuned to one another, their powers multiply and together they become a potent force, and exercise their power and influence to bring about immense and powerful changes in this realm, and that’s how Christianity originated and spread to every nook and corners of the world.


In Indian mythology, Lord Shiva and Sati were considered to be twin flames. Shiva the masculine principle symbolizes the consciousness, and Sati or shakti the feminine principle symbolizes the activating power and energy. When they combine a great movement is activated, and creation arises. As the story goes, Sati fell in love with Shiva, she wanted to marry him, but Lord Shiva was hesitant, and not very keen about the proposal, as she was incomplete as an individual and had to learn certain lessons for spiritual development, as we all know twins have to bring about positive changes within themselves before they unite with each other and embark on a spiritual quest. She persistently followed him and devoted  her time to serve him with pure love and affection, Shiva was convinced, and eventually they married, it was a blissful marriage, they lived happily.
It so happened that Sati's father held a ceremonial function, were all the beings from heaven, and earth were invited, but Sati and Shiva were deliberately  kept in the dark about this religious function, Sati  felt terribly hurt and disappointed when she became aware of her fathers decision, her ego and resentment at not being invited to her father’s religious  function was her greatest undoing, she attended the function without invitation, being an uninvited guest her father insulted lord Shiva and ignored her, unable to bear the insult to Lord Shiva, she in a fit of rage and regret, immolated herself, when Lord Shiva was informed about the tragedy, it triggered a violently angry response from him, which shook the three worlds, when the other Gods appeased him, he finally calmed down, but unable to bear the loss of Sati, he completely isolated himself from the world, and retreated to the Himalayas, and was in deep penance, his meditation was so powerful, he could not be disturbed for many years.

Circumstances changed drastically, the existing condition prevailing was very negative, the gods and human, were terrorized by a demon named Tarkasur. For the greater good of the gods and human, Sati took birth again and was called Parvathi, she grew into a lady of intelligence and beauty, being a daughter of a king, she enjoyed all the luxuries of the palace. Right from childhood she always felt, that someone was waiting for her, and  was destined for something which was beyond her reach at that time, she grew up listening to the stories of Lord Shiva told to her by her elders, and  felt a strange attraction for him, circumstances kept drawing her to him, she became a staunch devotee of him, she left the luxuries of the palace life, and went to the Himalayan mountains were  the lord was in a deep state of meditation, to serve him, it was love at first sight for her she wanted him as her husband, but Shiva was not affected by her charm and beauty, and could not be appeased in any way,  he out rightly rejected her, he was unable to forget Sati, and had no inclination to get into any kind of relationship with any women not realising that his Sati had taken birth again. But Parvathi loved Shiva so deeply, she did not give up that easily, she realized her physical charm and beauty would not captivate Shiva, he could be won only by pure devotion, love, care and attention. So she decided to perform severe penance to win her love, she did not care about the lack of comfort and the harsh weather round her. she had to undergo severe test and trials, her path was full of thorns, in spite of the austerities and enduring acute discomfort she continued her penance for many years, In her meditation she realized that her love for Shiva transcended everything and for all purposes she was his other half, his twin flame, they were incomplete without each other, it was her spiritual path and her destiny, to become Shiva’s Shakti. Shiva himself disguised as an ascetic tried to dissuade her but to no avail, she never gave up, till Shiva relented, accepted her as his other half, with a gentle persuasion from the other Gods and Parvathi, he abandoned his decision to become a recluse, and become a householder. He realized that she was his other half Ardhnareeshwari), and for all purpose their union was divine, and for the greater purpose of preserving good in the universe, He personally went and declared his love for her, eventually they married. The children created by them, were ultimately responsible for getting rid of the demons and bringing peace to heaven and earth. Shiva and Shakti (parvathi) is a highly charged divine partnership, they came together, for the highest good of humanity and divinity.


Shri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfasa, who was called (the mother) in Aurobindos close circle were twin flames. he was an Indian nationalist, a freedom fighter, a major Indian English poet, philosopher and yogi.
Mirra was born in Paris to a Turkish and Egyptian parents, and came to Aurobindo’s retreat in Pondicherry, India to collaborate on editing the journal Arya, the moment she set her eyes on Aurobindo, It was as if the person whom she had seen in her dream was right in front of her in reality, it was like déjàvu, she then decided that she would stay  with him and help him in his spiritual quest, it was a mammoth task for her, being a foreigner and a woman, she was not easily welcomed by the other disciples of the master, as they had no women members in their ashram, she had to face a lot of hostility and antagonism, but the master supported her and enveloped her with an aura of protection against the dark forces. 

Shri Aurobindo wrote that “the supreme state of human love is the unity of one soul in two bodies”

Mirra wrote that “without him, I exist not; without me he is unmani fest”

Shri Aurobindo was a recluse yogi in the later stages of his life, he hardly interacted with the people, preferring solitude, he kept himself to his room and discussed with a small circle of people close to him about spiritualism, philosophy of life in general. He developed his own vision and philosophy of human progress and spiritual evolution.

Mirra founded the Shri Aurobindo ashram, with a handful of disciples around the master, and with the approval of the master she became the leader of the community, a position she held till her death. she took charge, conducted meditation and acted as a spokesperson for the master. She was responsible for women joining the ashram, The twins were so tuned they could telepathically communicate with each other, as their two consciousness were one. It is mentioned that when the master met with an accident, Mirra felt at once the vibration in her sleep, that is the depth and power of twin flame relation, together they worked for the application of spirituality to the mundane existence, their basic aim was to bring about changes in the consciousness, for individual perfection and social transformation, and to spread their teachings they took active interest in various projects, activities, they wrote number of books, articles in the newspaper, conducted workshops, they worked for the overall spiritual development of the society in general.

Saints, prophets and highly evolved souls many a times, incarnate as teachers, philosophers, and guides, and act as our guiding light, they  do not marry and feel no attraction of the sexual or romantic kind for anyone, in such cases I feel the masculine and the feminine polarity, the ying- yang energy are bound together in one body, they were one complete soul in one body, there was no separation of energies, one complete joy and ecstasy, no wonder they could go into a state of eternal bliss. They mainly incarnated in this realm to raise  people to a higher spiritual or intellectual level, to spread religious and spiritual teachings, to assist common people in the day to day mundane existence, to lessen their mental and physical troubles, to spread love and a feeling of brotherhood for one another, to bring about socio- economic changes for the benefit of many. Great saints like St Francis Xavier, Mother Theresa, Saibaba and many others are a few examples.

Coming to the twin flame relation, It is not necessary that the twins will be doing the same things always, but many a times there is a synchronicity in their words and action, sometimes if one twin has certain thoughts, about a particular thing, the other twin will instinctively pick that energy, and you will find that he or she will mention it in the general course of conversation, the thought may be in the form of a song or maybe a book you have read, or perhaps you have watched the same film, and a particular scene fascinated or offended you, it’s amazing and you keep wondering how is it possible, for the other to know when you have not mentioned to any soul, isn’t it incredible, the astonishing fact is that the other twin will gradually tune in to you unknowingly and slowly the energies will criss cross one another and each will feel the emotions of the other mentally and physically, If one has a headache the other will feel it too, if one goes to a state of depression the other will feel it through the soul.

The fact that the twins belong to the same sun sign or opposite moon sign is so true, the birth date of your twin keeps popping everywhere, the name of your twin flame will appear in the most unlikely places, in spite of the electrifying, but often stormy, egoistic twin flame pairing, they will always make amends, reconcile, forgive one another and harmonize the relationship. They should be spiritually evolved as individuals for the relation to last, so that when they ultimately unite with each other, their union will transcend all karmic or soul mate relations. And after death in the world beyond they will be one departed soul instead of two, were they will unite with the creator.

 GODs love will make sure that this complimentary form of consciousness, would be bound together, as one soul for eternity, to forever merge with GOD.....


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